Rohweder, Jürgen / Neumann, Peter: Quieter, deeper, faster - Innovations in German Submarine Construction

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Rohweder, Jürgen / Neumann, Peter
Quieter, deeper, faster
Innovations in German Submarine Construction
Artikel-Nr.: 978-3-8132-0968-6
German submarine technologies count among the leaders in the world. The Germans were not the first to have introduced submarines into their navy, but it wasn’t long before the most technically demanding boats were being designed and built in german shipyards – a pursuit which has always involved ground breaking innovations and continues to this day. This documentation of Jürgen Rohweder and Peter Neumann is dedicated to the innovative power of Germany on this special field: from the first diving boats around the turn of the century to the modern HDW class 212A and 214 of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. Tomorrows submarine technologies as well as the HDW class 210mod and 216 – still only excisting on paper - can be found in this exceptional compilation. The author explains different mission profiles of current submarines and also adds a list of all submarines built in Germany after 1945. The extensive documentation is completed by 130 illustrations – including many impressive pictures of the renowned photographer Peter Neumann.
Authors: Jürgen Rohweder / Peter Neumann
Title: Quieter, deeper, faster
Subtitle: Innovations in German Submarine Construction
Pages: 172 pages
Size: 26 x 24 cm
Pictures: numerous pictures
Date of release: June 2016
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